Our developing country's demands about all sectors are increasing day by day, including the metal sector. Barış Brass was established in 1999 in Ulus /Ankara in order to offer high quality services to manufacturing industry before and after sales, giving information support and deliver the products just in-time in order to survive in today's competitive environment which is based upon quality and trust. Barış Pirinç established a branch in İvedik/Ankara in 2002.

We as Barış Brass Aluminum & Metal Co. Ltd., are reached our goals in terms of brass, aluminum, stainless steel bronze, copper and industrial plastic products with our experienced employees within 11 years. We are conscious about our increasing responsibilities, and we import and export goods. We are serving to Turkish industry with reasonable price, best fitting and high quality material, and informational support by our professionals. We are making business with machinery, defense industry, medical, textile, marine, food, automotive, construction & decoration, advertising, electronic etc. sector.


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Firmamız ; İnanlı Metal tarafından ithal ettiğimiz Alüminyum Levha 5083 – 5754 – 6013 – 6082 - 6061 Kalite ve her ölçülerde 1.00 MM'den Başlayıp 160 MM arası levhalarımız stoklarımızda mevcuttur. Uygun fiyat ve istenilen ölçülerde hassas kesim...
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